Saturday, April 04, 2009

My Little boy...

Tonight, our little boy will be transformed from a rugged tough football playing, weight lifting state champ to a gentleman.

He is escorting his date Amy to the Senior Prom at Burkburnett High tonight.

Even though he is only a sophomore and his "main squeeze" is a Senior (he seems much older than he is.) and they are going tonight!

His tux is amazing! I let him pick it out all by himself, just he and Amy. I didn't impose, I didn't give any advice, I didn't hover like a helicopter. I haven't even seen it but in one Cell phone snapshot. (I know its his Signature color of Aggie Maroon.)

The thing that is really neat about our son is that he is so well rounded. Once after going on a cruise with us when he was little, he was so impressed by the two formal dinners on the cruise ship that he started that tradition at home. He calls it "Cruise Night" and he would insist that we all Dress up, all of us and have a nice dinner with candles and flowers. (at least once a week.)
When he was only a little boy, 9 or 10, he would call me at work when he knew it was close to me coming home, and ask me if I had a good day or a bad day. When I would say "It was a rough day or a Bad day" he would say Okay I have a surprise for you when you get home. How much longer till your here?"

And when I would get home, he would have a Hot bath drawn for me with Candles lit all around it and bubble bath bubbles in it, with the Jets running (Its a jacuzzi bathtub) and He called it the "HOT LAVA BATH". I used to chuckle. (He was a latch key kid and was home alone a lot those days, since Dad was an airline pilot and was traveling a lot.)

He also would make me this dessert from chocolate pudding mix (instant) and crumbled up Oreos and put it in a nice parfait glass and when I told him how good it was and how much I loved it, he would grin ear to ear and laugh and giggle. I remember asking him "WOW, this is so good, what do you call it? and he rolled his eyes around and thought about if for a second and he said "Ummmmm ummm. "Chocolate Extraordinaire!"

Hes such a GIVER. Hes so Considerate. He thinks of others. He is creative and smart and dedicated. But mostly he is kind.

Gosh, here I go bragging on him again. I know there are lots of boys out there like him, and all their Mamas love them. And that is a wonderful thing.
To have a good son. To have a son that makes you proud. He is just a blessing to us and now hes a blessing to a lucky girl.

Have fun Scott, I promise I wont take too many pictures of you and her, I wont Hover and I wont cry (in front of you.)

But when you are gone tonight, (and your dad is across the country with United Airlines and Im home alone. I will draw my own "HOT LAVA BATH." and sit there Gazing at the candles and remember when you were just my little boy.... and were all mine.

-XXOOXXOO Chissy Mom

The two of us in OKINAWA Japan at the park by our house. Photo taken by Scotts daddy.
(We just got back Sunday brunch at the Marine Base Officers Club, our routine every Sunday.
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