Wednesday, April 01, 2009


The other day I got the pleasure of meeting Mitchell. I photographed his sister 3 years ago and now its his turn. I say it all the time, but I really am so fortunate to have the clients that I do! to think that these wonderful people seek me out to be their photographer and to record their children's last portraits before they head off to college. Its such an honor and I get teary eyed thinking about it sometimes. They bring their most precious cargo and they bring me smiles and hugs and I just have the best job in the world! This young mans mother is a Jewell!
And so is he. Hes got the most precious smile and his amethyst blue eyes sparkle when he looks at you! Hes tall and blonde and I'm sure the girls go ga ga over him! and it doesn't hurt that hes athletic and can play that acoustic guitar too! I hope I'm not embarrassing him. :)
Thanks Mitchell and Suzanne, it was a pleasure!

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