Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Mommie Dearest!

Today is my moms birthday. I couldnt be with her today and that makes me sad. But I'm gonna visit in a couple of weeks.

My mom is a really amazingly strong woman. She worked hard in her own beauty shop for years and was very successful. She then had a great career with Texas Instruments where she worked her way up the ladder. She even got to work in the Philippines for a few months (During the late 80s problems in that country!) She suffered for 12 years with a misdiagnosed hip problem and suffered too much and last year had surgery and recovered like gang busters! There's nothing she cant do when she puts her mind to it!

She has always been brave, she loves to travel and encouraged us to see the world (which I have thanks to her,) She taught us to dream and to go after our dreams. She taught us that nothing is impossible unless you think it is. She taught us that you can overcome things if you really want to.

She taught us that life isn't fair, get over it and move on. She taught us that friends will be there for you sometimes and sometimes they wont, but that to be your own best friend is the kindest thing you can do for yourself. She taught us not to always expect to be happy that sometimes life stinks!

She still makes the best home made biscuits and gravy in the world! And the best Fried Chicken and the best Chicken Fried steak and the best Banana pudding, etc. etc. etc.

She taught us that when others do you wrong, that Karma will catch up with them someday.

She taught us to work HARD, KEEP OUR WORD, and Never give up!

She taught us so many things. She tough, strong and yet tender all at the same time. She wasn't afraid to spank us when we messed up and but also to tell us good job when we did good.
She taught us having a sense of humour will get you through a lot of tough times.

She is so many things rolled into one. Ive watched her loose her mother and her sister and she did it with dignity and grace.

Shes a complicated, multi-faceted person and I get a lump in my throat when I think of all that I owe her.

She taught us when we make mistakes, to learn from them and do better next time! She taught us to tell the truth, act decent and make something of ourselves! She taught me not to worry about what others think and do what you know is right.

She taught us so many things, I could type all night. I love you Mommie D, and I brushed my teeth and flossed and okay Ill go to bed now.

Love Miz Diz

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