Monday, April 20, 2009

The Drive In-Movie!

Recently I bought a 500 piece puzzle for our family to put together and we worked on it last night and had a great time. (Scotts GF helped too!) I haven't done that in years. Part of the reason I bought it was because it has a blue truck just like mine (Lucille) and I love Drive-in Movies too! (See it above, its the 2nd vehicle from the Pay Booth.)

Its by artist Andy Thomas and its a scene from the 1950s or 60s of people on a Saturday night going to a Drive-In Movie! The one thing that I look forward to every year is going to the Drive-In in Graham,Tx near us. It's owned by the Trout family and they are really nice people! Once we were about 15 minutes late into the movie and when the movie was over, they actually started it over again and showed the 15 minutes we had missed!!!
How nice was that? Nowthats old fashioned service just like the good ole days!
They have a website with some info on it. They have a great concession too, with lots of good food, Hot dogs, Nachos, Ice cream, etc! They also have the Original SPEAKERS TOO, or you can tune your radio station, which ever you prefer.

Hope to see you there this summer. Last I heard they open the first weekend after Memorial Day and close after Labor Day weekend in the late summer. Its family friendly and a great time always!

Now back to that puzzle! The grass and the sky are the parts that have me stumped!
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