Saturday, July 07, 2007


Ive traveled all over the world (14 countries so far... 400 more to go!) So I love seeing photos from all over the world!

Heres a cool way to do it!

Flickrvision (From the people who gave us Flickr) swoops around the Google globe Superman-style, pausing every few seconds to show a photo that somebody, somewhere in the world, uploaded to Flickr just minutes ago.
People all over the world take photos, and Flickrvision tracks the worldwide photographic zeitgeist.

My recent world tour showed an adorable couple at the Great Wall, mermaids on parade at Coney Island, an Italian castle, and a hummingbird in Ohio.

p.s. Turn Flickrvision to 11: try the new 3D version and hit the full-screen button.
p.p.s. From the makers of Flickrvision, comes Twittervision!
p.p.p.s Make Flickrvision your screensaver!
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