Saturday, June 30, 2007

Video of Fishing Trip

I've had several emails from people asking me about our Deep Sea fishing trip. They are all asking the same questions, What company did you use?, How long was the trip?, how big was the boat? Did you have to bait your own hooks? How Far out to sea did you go? and how much did it cost?

I will first tell you it was a lot of fun. But it is PRICEY. Our 10 hour trip was $1,500.00 (FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS) plus a $100. tip.

But very worthwhile! We got 200 pounds of delicious fish and had a great experience.
The company that we used is called High Bid Charters (Because the boat is called "THE HIGH BID". Ive added a link to their site. The captain (Aaron) was great. He was a lot of fun. They completely take care of you, bait the hooks, help you reel them in, explain everything, you can go down inside to the living area and it has Air Conditioning and a bathroom and a small kitchen. Its really nice. We went 50 miles out, and were out for 10 hours. You cant wear shoes with black soles and cant bring drinks in Glass Bottles. You must bring your own food in a cooler as well.

It rained for a little while, but then the sun came out and it was beautiful. They play cool music and you go fast! (Hang on!) We fished near Off shore drilling rigs because the fish like to hang out near the rigs (un manned natural gas rigs) because of the coral that grows on the pipes and attracts lots of fish. Okay. Is that enough info? Email them or call Capt Aaron or Brian for more info. Heres the link to their site.
If you are interested in catching Blue Marlin or Shark, you need to tell them that on the phone when you book it.It cost a little more and they have to go farther out to sea for that. (were doing that next year.)
Here is a video of my son catching a King Fish. It wasnt his biggest fish, He caught a 36 lb. Ling. But this is him reeling in a 21 pound King fish. Hes the boy wearing the Cowboy Hat.

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