Our Studio

Welcome to our studio!

We opened our first studio in Okinawa Japan in 1991, while my husband and I were stationed at Kadena Air Base in Japan. Since then we've moved 3 times, into 2 retail shopping centers and finally to our "home based" studio.  We hired a wonderful contractor in 2005 and added 900 feet to our current home to create a cozy, warm home based studio.
The image above is our Theatre/Client viewing room.  We love to show your images on our widescreen HD television.

Many photographers now days will simply post your images to a website or hand you a DVD. At Photography by Dixie, we like to schedule an appointment for you to come in and view your images, large as they were intended to be and help you with questions about sizes, finishes (Our Canvas prints are simply GORGEOUS!)

Since 2000 we have been using software which allows us to show you what your images would look like enlarged and displayed on a wall in a home.

Just recently we purchased new software that even has children's nurseries, many different living rooms and even staircases, to take all the guesswork out of what your finished (and framed) images will look like.
One of the great features is that you can bring us an image of the location and we can import it into the computer or iPad and with some measuring and simple clicks of the mouse show you on your own home wall your images!

We love technology!  We were the first studio to convert to digital in 1997, 100% digital in 2000, to have a website 1995, offer digital products, 1995, etc.  We not only EMBRACE new technologies, but we actually teach it to other Professional photographers via Programs around the southwest or in articles in professional photographer magazines.

Although our new space is smaller than our former Commercial location, we know you'll feel right at home and relaxed.  (we've even had a couple of dads take a snooze during the viewing because they were so relaxed!)

We look forward to serving you and making your photography needs a reality!  Give us a call at (940) 761-5111  or email to pdixie@sw.rr.com

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