Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will my photo shoot be like?

A. Whether it is in our studio, or on location, it will be different than what you are accustomed to. We want you to relax and have fun. But we also want you to look great!  We will schedule the appointment for the best time of day for lighting, etc. In the studio, we can shoot anytime between 10 am and 6 pm.  For those hot days.  You will have fun, at times you wont know you are being photographed and other times, we will pose you a bit, but not uncomfortably.
Dixie has won numerous awards and trophies for her photography. She has worked with Brides, High School Seniors, babies and grumpy dads.
She will use professional lighting and cameras, but she wont fuss too much with them, because the best pictures are pictures that have great expressions and look natural. We have lots of repeat clients over the past 16 years,including some of those grumpy dads, so we must be doing something right!

Q. Do I need to pay any money up front?

A. Yes, your session fee payment is needed to hold your session time on our books, it is refundable should you cancel your session outside of 48 hours, but if for any reason you can’t make your session or have to reschedule within that 48hour period, we have to take that deposit to cover studio time and costs incurred, often it is very difficult to fill a session at short notice, and can require lots of emailing and phoning around to find a suitable replacement.

Q. How much do the pictures cost and do you sell Disks?

A.  We have offered portrait packages since we opened in 1994. We have many packages to suit everyone's needs starting at $99.00 , and we never ever pressure anyone to buy. We have many middle class clients. Our large, Deluxe canvas wall portraits run into the $2,500.00 range.  We offer lay a way and Bill me Later payment plans.

Q. What makes your portraits look so much better?

 A. Dixie is very experienced. Her first job in photography was in 1989, as a photojournalist for a newspaper, so she's been behind the camera for 25 years! Years and years of training. As a matter of Fact, Dixie is a Certified Professional Photographer, holds both the Photographic Craftsman and Master of Photography degrees. No one in this area has the same credentials. She actually speaks and trains other PROFESSIONALS around the southwest.  She's not a part time hobbyist, she has paid her dues and it shows.  Dixie's modest about it, but we like to brag on her. :-)

Q. How long will it take to see my pictures?
A. Our studio is 100% digital and you will view your proofs in our theatre room on a big screen TV, typically within 2-7 days. for business head shots, often times immediately following your photo session.   Weddings take about 14-30 days.

Q.Do you sell photos for my Face book page?
A. We give face book sized images for free with a portrait order. Each pose you order from you will receive that image on a Disk ready for posting on FB!

Q. What if I don't like my pictures?
A. We have never in 17 years had anyone not like them, but we will re shoot them at no charge! Just tell us what you don't like and we will reshoot! Often Dixie shows you images on the back of her cameras or on her iPad during the shoot, so you will see the great images shes getting as she is shooting.

Q. I want to have my pictures done later in the year. Why should I call now?
A. During certain times of the year, Summer time, Wedding season & Christmas time, spring we can book up quickly.  Just as in any business, the earlier you call the better choice of appointment times you can get. Its best to get your Senior portraits done in the summer before your Senior year begins, while you’re tan and out of school and have more time.  Weddings are booked between 1 year and 6 months in advance.   Call early so you don’t have to worry about it.

Q. How much are your wedding albums?
A.  We offer wedding album packages that start at $1399.00, and go up to $5,000.00.  However we have recently begun to offer (for smaller weddings and those who do not require a finished album) your Wedding images on DVD for a much reduced price.  Please email or call and give us the details of your wedding day and see what we can do for you.  or call (940) 761-5111
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