Extreme Senior Pictures You Cant Get Anyplace Else!

Hi! I'm Dixie and I love Seniors.  WHY? Because your Senior portraits are the most important pictures you will have taken!
They are showcasing you at a time in your life when you are leaving for college, and chances are you wont have professional pictures made again until your wedding day.  This is a special time of your life, and we want to capture who you really are right now.  For you to keep for the rest of your life. and Mostly for your parents to have.  You get to be you, you get to wear the clothing that you love to wear and be relaxed. We have seniors come from all over including Las Vegas, Dallas, and Florida!  Here's some reasons why.

I am not a CHAIN studio. I'm a mother of 2 kids, both who have graduated. I "get" kids. I know they want to stand out. To be different, but in a good way.  I only take 3 appointments a day.  I work with seniors from all over Texas and Oklahoma.
Our prices are very much in line with the "CHAIN" studios but what we do is very different.  We create one of a kind amazing pictures. Here's why.

What we wont do.
1. We won't make you stand in line or treat you like a number.
2. We won't tell you no as to what you want to bring with you!
3. We won't force you into poses that are unnatural.
4. We won't rush you.
5. We won't copycat other photographers, yours will be one of a kind.
6. We won't make you stand up against a LAME background or prop.
7. We won't make you do anything you are uncomfortable doing.
8. We won't say no if you want to bring your dog, cat, iguana, etc.
9. We won't charge you for facebook images.
10. We won't allow you to get what you want.

What we will do.
1. We will make you look great!
2. We will let you be YOURSELF.
3. We will let you give us any ideas or suggestions you have.
4. We will let you pick from 12 different awesome backgrounds or go anyplace in Wichita Falls you want to go to.
5. We will let you plug in your iPod and play your own music or ours!
6. We will let you laugh, a lot.
7. We will show you your portraits on our big screen TV set to music!
8. We will work with you on our packages and budget!
9. We will Guarantee our work that if you are not 100% satisfied when you see your proofs, we will do a free RESHOOT, no problem!
10. We will touch up your portraits, remove blemishes, braces and make you look your best!

Here's a sampling of some of our past Seniors!

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